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Working to save Dorset's butterflies and moths

75% of British butterflies and 66% of common moths have declined in living memory. Our efforts include conservation work, monitoring butterflies and moths, and raising awareness of the problems they face. There are lots of ways you can help.  Find out more

Map of Dorset showing how many species have been recorded in each kilometer square

Could you fill a White Hole?

‘White Holes’ is a Dorset term for kilometre squares where no butterfly has been reported in the current five-year cycle of recording. We are now in year three of the 2015-19 cycle, so we are starting to get a feel for where more recording effort is needed. Read more...

Distribution map: Small Copper
Distribution map: Small Copper

How are Dorset’s butterflies doing?

In order to help butterflies, we need to know about them first. If you haven't spotted our Distribution Atlas pages yet, do go and have a look at them. Read more...

Two Small Blues seen sideways on, in mating position
Small Blues mating. Photo: Ken Dolbear

Small Blues are out

Ken Dolbear tells us that the Small Blue is now on the wing at Bottom Combe, on Portland. Read more...

Large White. Photo: Andrew Cooper
Large White. Photo: Andrew Cooper

Butterfly Conservation and B&Q need your help!

The UK is home to 24 million gardens and Butterfly Conservation working alongside B&Q want to help people get the most out of them by welcoming nature into their gardens. Read more...

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Purple Thorn. Photo: Martin Raper
Purple Thorn. Photo: Martin Raper

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